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radio news

We had a really good meeting of the Bitterroot Amateur Radio Club (BARC) yesterday evening.


I presented my ‘dream’ of having a club open house in the Darby Library where we show’n’tell about amateur radio. There we sign up people for weekly classes in the library and get more licensed Hams in the South Bitterroot.

I was pleasantly surprised that this “new idea” has been part of their efforts for a long time, just waiting for a southern-Bitterroot local to get it going.

We are ON. Open house in the library is September 14th. Classes to follow.


I also reported on my making connections within the Forest Service and the potential to solve our South Bitterroot challenge for repeater locations by co-locating our repeaters with existing agency sites. This will be a while in developing, but the club is enthusiastic about the possibilities.