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radio goes to high school

I am a member of ARRL as far and away amateur radio’s best representation in the political world – a very important consideration to me. I appreciate many other things ARRL does, not the least of which is send me an excellent monthly magazine devoted entirely to radio.

The February 2014 issue has a great article about an individual who created an exciting, successful radio group in a Long Beach, California high school. Whatever magic Devon Day KF6KEE has and is using should be looked at by anyone interested in reaching and inspiring the next generation of amateur radio operators.

Many of us talk about it, but this retired English teacher has been doing something wonderful for 13 years now. She is willing to share her ideas, just in case one or more of us are interested in learning from her.

Devon Day, KF6KEE

On a related note, the ARRL
School Club Roundup is February 10-14!

Click on the link above for more information from the ARRL webpage on the subject.