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Radio Communicating Options

Darby Adult Education has a couple of classes in their fall program that interest me.

One in particular is near and dear to my heart. The main reason is that I am a major proponent of having two-way radios for communicating where phones are unavailable and yelling is ineffective. I am so much in favor of using two-way radios that I created and teach the class.

Sign-ups are open officially through next Monday, September 26th. As you can see in the course listing below that this 3-hour overview session only costs $6 regular and $3 for seniors.

Click the headline below to see the entire set of course listings for the fall semester.

Radio Communicating Options

Handy in many situations, radio communications can be life saving when phones and Internet are down or out of reach. Current amateur radio technology has improved significantly from the old CB days.

With a large number of privately-funded repeaters now in the Bitterroot, coverage in some areas with ham and GMRS radios get to places cell phones cannot, covering East Fork, West Fork, Corvallis and beyond.

This 3-hour, one session overview of radios covers walkie-talkies across the yard to ham radios around the world.
What radios should you have for emergencies?
What do they cost?
What do they do?
Regular, non-technical people become Ham radio operators all the time.
Should you?
If so, how?
Inexpensive 5-year group or family GMRS licenses are a great alternative that require no testing.

Instructor: Ted Dunlap

Instructor Info: Ted is an FCC-licensed General-class amateur radio operator, and is locally active in emergency radio communication preparation.

Dates: Oct. 8 (1 Session, Saturday)

Time: 10:00 am – 1:00 pm

Location: Darby Community Library

Student Fees: $6 Regular OR Senior (60+) $3