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racing off the cliff

Racial divide is one of the ruling elite’s tools for keeping us fragmented and unable to muster defense against the .01% who run the world to the advantage of everybody OTHER THAN the remaining 99.99%… that is, to theirs.

Strong males, independent thinkers, sharp scientists, knowledgeable historians are also among major threats they work to neutralize. But this post is about their racial divide.

Suckers fall for it. Sadly the rest of us are outnumbered. Fortunately, the strong, independent, sharp, and knowledgeable are on our side. When it comes to a final tally, those attributes will be more important than being in the majority.

In the article excerpted below, Julius makes a lot of great points. I highly recommend clicking the title link and reading the whole thing. I chose to quote this part because it somewhat contextualized his suggestion to cultivate hobbies.

His article zips past that concept without fleshing out why that is such a great idea. I fill that gap here.

If I stand ‘accused’ of being a white, heterosexual, married male, I admit to those being factual descriptors, but far worse than merely incomplete. They are minor, and in my opinion, inconsequential molecules of my makeup.

I am a creator, engineer, fabricator of tools, furniture, buildings and anything else that involves developing functional art. I have an immediate affinity towards fellows of that nature dramatically more powerful than any or all of the first descriptors above.

I am a trombonist, bassist, teacher, painter, shooter, reloader, writer, reader, economist, sociologist, historian, road racer, car buff, amateur radio operator, community servant, and a lot more things that are far more dear to me than the color of my skin and other pigeon holes our enemies would put me in.

Bring up any of those things that I CHOOSE TO BE if you want an enthusiastic, mutual, animated relationship with me.

Talking about my white-ness is about as exciting for me as talking about television shows … that I have not seen since I walked away from the boob tube 20 years ago. That fact alone may account for the path that led me away from vulnerability to the rulers’ divisiveness. I spend my ‘being programmed’ time allotment thinking for myself.


I Am Not Your Mule: 4 Reasons for the White Identity Movement

by Julius Roy-Davis

… consider this New York Times piece (are you sensing a pattern yet?) about White guilt:

“I’m riddled with shame. White shame. This isn’t helpful to me or to anyone, especially people of color. I feel like there is no “me” outside of my white/upper middle class/cisgender identity. I feel like my literal existence hurts people like I’m always taking up space that should belong to someone else.”

Does this sound like a healthy mentality to you? Do you see the problem? This person cannot escape from their negatively internalized White identity, the consequence of toxic anti-White narratives they have absorbed from the anti-White media and culture.

Now, I am much more than an identitarian. I do not think that this person simply needs a positive racial identity instead of a negative one – indeed, it is obvious to me that they need a healthier approach to their identity that is less reductive and essentialist.

I would advise this individual to cultivate their hobbies, spend time with friends, and stop taking themselves so seriously. The world is both more tragic and more wonderful than they are giving it credit for, and they will not begin to appreciate that subtle poetry until they have unburdened themselves.

I would also tell them that it’s okay to be White.

Not bad, not good, but definitely okay.

Here’s the thing: we’re not advocating for racial hatred or supremacy. Those things are terribly destructive forces – that’s actually a big part of my thesis here.

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