Ted’s essays


governor-debate-2010Ted Dunlap learned The H-P Way of business management from Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard in formal H-P training classes, and on the job for 12+ years. He simultaneously majored in business management at Sonoma State University while they were evolving their programs to include The H-P Way.

The centerpiece of The H-P Way is “Management By Objectives”, wherein skilled managers inspire their subordinates to use their knowledge, experience and expertise to accomplish clearly-defined objectives. Contrast that with top-down management-by-directive wherein decision-making power is limited to what “the expert” in-charge knows, sees and thinks.

It was their innovative management style that enabled the company founded by Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard to outstrip the growth and success of all businesses in all areas of the world at that time.

Ted Dunlap has management knowledge, skill and expertise, practicing Management By Objectives, along with real-world experience managing with H-P, Soil Food Corporation, The Gentleman Farmer, Goodwill and Idaho Youth Ranch.

Most important to the individual charged with hiring and guiding the Montana administrative branch is the overall motivation and goals. Libertarians understand that people, businesses and societies will thrive if you can keep government out of the way.