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programs for the current theater performance

When people go to a play the producers often hand out programs telling who the actors are, the roles being played, the musicians, bits about composers and other information designed to help with understanding the performance, context and enhancing enjoyment of the show.

In this pair of videos I do that for the current political-socio-economic theater. I cover a lot of turf and include graphics that help clarify the big picture.

My receptors for deceit went on full alert when Biden was named the nominee for President. A known, proven pedophile, satanist, conduit of massive illicit financial transactions world-wide, blatantly corrupt, clearly in rapid decline from dementia …

The moment I said to myself,
“The Republicans could not have chosen an uglier opponent”
I realized the truth.

All were chosen from a higher level on the pyramid of global power. Once you put on those glasses, the whole show starts making sense. It still takes quite a bit of chess-like thought to anticipate what THEY might be working up to, or how they will be playing certain events, but the pattern and realities do clarify A LOT when your perspective is grounded.

I recorded a lot of those thoughts in A video, but my pocket Canon camera designed primarily to take photographs divided the one video into two. Apparently I ran past some limit built into it. The good news is that it didn’t miss a second – so they do fit together just fine one after the other.

In the video I promised to post the news-depicting graphics here that I flashed in front of the camera… so here they are … plus a lot of bonus content.

– Ted