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priorities in between TEOTWAWKI -and- TSHTF

The End Of The World As We Know It began early this year. You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet. The S*** will probably Hit The Fan before this year is out. Economic collapse, food supply collapse, world war, cultural breakdown, civil war, attempts to force DNA-altering vaccines on many who will resist to the death, physical manifestations of disgust with career politicians … if you have been studying at this website and linked resources, you know a “Perfect Storm” of designed attacks on our way of life are coming our way very soon.

Most serious scholars of the various assaults working to establish The New World Order figure it is coming to a head in October or November, with the latter being the odds-on favorite.

Thus I feel we have through September to be as ready as we are going to get and probably October to tidy up any loose ends we left out of Preparing 2020 Phase 1.

That feeling has been a great Occam’s Razor lately for priority setting. Spending time and/or money on anything having no value in a post-SHTF world should be put off, if reasonable, until November or later, depending on how the chips fall by then. Anything that would be unobtainable or very difficult to create or acquire then should move up the priority list.

I will not try to create a Prepping 101 post here, there are entire websites and books dedicated to exactly that. I simply want to emphasize that now is the time to avoid kicking yourself to death in November.

For more information, you could check my post category “preparing” as a starting point. I have published a lot of information and many links for further research.

Whatever you do with this focus in mind will be much better than nothing.


P.S. Do not forget to store up some smiles, warm feelings, cheer and good friendships. They too may be hard to come by. For a win-win, cultivate good neighbors.