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practical, tactical communications training

We have a unique opportunity coming to the Bitterroot. It is a big deal to have this particular North Carolina based trainer offering these classes here. For me, traveling there will never happen no matter how high-value the training is.

The timing of next month’s classes does not suit my personal needs, but I am adjusting to fit the offering.

Opportunity doesn’t always knock at the moment you are prepared to open the door. Take it on its terms and schedule … or miss it.

The local sponsoring organization looks credible, possibly excellent. You can do your own research on The Order of the White Rose. The Hamilton, Montana classes may well include a number of people I will prize as friends and compatriots in the future. That, too, is worth investigation.

The RTO Course is coming to Ravalli County Fairgrounds in Hamilton, Montana to service the Redoubt Region. There are three back to back dates to take advantage of:

8-9 September
15-16 September

Advanced Class: 13-14 September

Class cost is $300 in advance, $350 at the door. The advance cost requires a $50 deposit sent before 15 August:

The Order of the White Rose
610 N. 1st St., Ste. 5-209
Hamilton, MT 59840

Below I excerpt the relevant segment from his training courses descriptions. I also give you links in case you want to learn about the other trainings offered, our teacher or any other aspect of it. I also include links so you can check out the whole package.

You might note a premium cost to have the classes here rather than in North Carolina. If you consider cost of travel and TDY, the slight extra is a bargain.

Don’t miss it …. or, at least, make sure someone in your community is learning this stuff for you all.

Training Courses

from The Brushbeater

Listed are some of the training services I offer individuals and groups. These classes, based upon personal and practical experience in the topics covered, are offered to the Prepping/Survivalist community outside of the paradigm usually taught. Aside from these and the future classes to be listed, I can tailor a class to your group’s specific needs and abilities per request. Be sure to check out the training schedule for the remainder of 2018. Forward all inquiries to: brushbeater@tutanota.com

***All course prices are reflective of training at the NC site.***

RTO Basic: $200 per Student

This class will teach students the basics of communications at the Team or Squad Level in the field. Topics of instruction include:

Identifying Equipment Requirements
Writing a Signals Operating Index
PACE Planning for Communications
Basic equipment capabilities
Traffic handling
Improvised antenna types, uses and construction
Setting up and running an NVIS HF station
Message Formats
Setting up and communicating from a Hide site

Two day course will culminate in an field training event running a TOC station and Hide site in the field. Students will each build an antenna and demonstrate competency in team communications basics during the field exercise. Amateur Radio license qualification is helpful, but not required. This is NOT a ‘ham radio’ class but each student will come away with a basic understanding of a team’s communications needs in a tactical environment and how to best meet them under less-than-ideal circumstances. No equipment is required for this course; however, if students want to get field practice with their own gear, it is highly encouraged but done so at their own risk. Instruction is completely off-grid.

RTO Advanced : $200

Two day class picks up where the RTO Basic Course leaves off, covering advanced techniques for tactical communications in the field. Points of instruction include:

Advanced SOI planning including creating a brevity matrix
Planning and coordinating a dedicated transmitting site
Theory, construction and use of directional wire antennas
Recognizing and mitigating signs of Electronic Warfare
Conducting basic Signals Intelligence Collection and analysis
Advanced HF Techniques

As with RTO Basic, the course will culminate in a field exercise where students demonstrate the concepts covered in a live environment. By the end of both courses, students will be able to build a bulletproof communications network with even the most basic off the shelf equipment and little, if any, external support.

Signals Intelligence / Radio Reconnaissance: $200

Two day course covers the essentials of signals collection and analysis in an asymmetric warfare environment. Course specifically focuses on building skills to better prepare a retreat or small unit for intercepting and exploiting an OPFOR’s ground communications. Students will learn:

Communications Mapping of your Area of Operations
Common, Off The Shelf tools for Signals Intelligence
Planning and construction of Listening Posts
Radio Direction Finding (RDF) Techniques
Signals Interception and Analysis
Coordinating with an Analysis and Control Element (ACE)
Tactical Exploitation

Each student in class will receive open source tools for conducting signals intelligence. At a minimum every student will come away with the essential skills needed to receive possible early warnings or simply stay abreast of problems in their area of interest or potential threats to their patrol.