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I put up a bunch of stuff today.

Right here I introduced The Constitutional Sheriffs Association, who is building county-by-county, state-by-state. There is no requirement to BE a sheriff. The requirement is that you SUPPORT a constitutional sheriff. They are trying to build county-by-county associations across the USA. I think it has great potential.

Over at Kuna Idaho .net, I wrote about my problems with The Pledge of Allegience finally getting a solution … a new pledge that is similar in nature but a whole lot better for knowledgeable patriots: the pledge

In response to a question I received via e-mail, I wrote about the Sheriff Purity Test. Sonme folks get it in their heads that if somebody doesn’t embrace absolutely every little word of every sentence in their dictionary on how the world should be run, then they are the enemy or otherwise unworthy of support. Balderdash. Enemies are a’plenty. Don’t reject compatriots for not wearing the right tie.

I also added a page over at Ada Liberty .com. Pages are different from posts in that they are permanently on the left side, but don’t show up in the middle when you are just reading the news. Plan B is a page underneath the Oath Keepers page that links to a STRONG speech Oath Keepers founder Stuart Rhodes gave in Albany New York. That is the state that is serving as a test of gun confiscation and may be the first battleground if the Bilderbergs, or actually, WHEN the Bilderbergs sic their pet storm troopers on the innocent populace. I called this page “Plan B“.

Idaho Liberty .com also got my explanation of how I feel about the sheriff purity police. There I called it “Angels Dancing“.

My absolute favorite post of the day was my USA Drone Corps. The poopheads at the top of the pentagon pile created a new medal for the video-gamers in uniform, the true baby-killers. If they are really good at running what in their minds is just another video game from some windowless building in Nevada, they get a medal … and it is SUPERIOR to the Bronze Star with Valor cluster that real warriors get in real combat! There is much to say about that, and I said some of it.