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posse meeting Tuesday

The next posse meeting is April 2 at 1900 hrs.

This will be a very significant one for the Neighborhood Posse of Ada County.

The good news is the posse was called out on short notice and successfully rode to the rescue. We could have been better organized, but we could hardly have gained a better outcome. We have to count it as a success for our urgent response team and a warning to establish a better protocol for the future.

The bad news for this group is that I am moving to Montana. It gets worse in that things have fallen into place to make the move a major rush. I have to be in Conner/Darby on April 19th to complete the final inspection and close escrow on our 750-sq.ft cabin on the east fork of the Bitterroot River. More about that here: teddunlap.net/life-changing-events.

I can hardly stress enough how poorly my mind is managing the multitude of things churning in it right now. There is little doubt to me that I am dropping balls all over the place. I apologize for that, but promise no improvement soon. If the things I have been working on are to continue here, other people will need to make that happen. If they were so dependent on me that they will not survive my absence, their demise is appropriate.

I may come to another posse meeting after this one, but I will commit only to the one this Tuesday. Past that I am putting one foot in front of the other, placing them where they must go.