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politically homeless

Are you fed up with political promises that never turn into action?

That the big issues are completely ignored by mainstream politicians, and by mainstream media grates at me.

How about you?

We know the odds of a Libertarian being elected as Montana governor are slim, but that is no reason to simply sit this one out.

Do something.

Take Action.

I will focus my campaign on two issues.

Your support for my campaign says that you want them to be discussed; that they are important.

Republican and Democratic politicians think they KNOW their audience. They KNOW that over 50% of the potential voters sit out every election.

They tell themselves you are just lazy.

Prove them wrong.

Get their attention.

I believe the available choices have no appeal… that the issues they choose, and the rhetoric they use strike the majority of us as inane, useless, or worse.

If you want something to change, you have to do something differently.


Support this campaign to say, “Business as usual is not okay”.

Don’t waste your vote.Libertarians plotting to take over the world

Vote for what you really want.

Vote Libertarian.


The other two candidates are spending several million dollars to win the governor’s seat.

Neither of them are even remotely interested in WHY our forests are dying or HOW the drug war destroys our society.

If Ted Dunlap for governor garners significant vote totals, Greg or Steve may be a bit more curious as to WHY so many Montanans think this two-issue campaign was worth voting for.

It is your choice to get their attention

… or not.