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pistol range opens for business

Closing in on three years in this homestead and I finally get around to establishing my pistol range. We have a lovely hillside that is safe, secure and convenient. I had previously carved out a flat area and merely needed to build some target stands. Missy’s birthday was my inspiration.

Tradition has me gifting a firearm on her birthdays, but we were two behind in actually shooting them. I decided THAT was the big gift this year. We shot mostly her Buckmark .22 pistol, my old grandpa High Standard .22 , but also gave hers and my .38s a small outing.

I prefer to force myself to focus on the fundamentals by shooting from 25 yards out. That didn’t work so well for her so she moved in a bit, then another bit to work on tightening groups after A LONG ABSENCE from shooting.

Good time and great experience. The handgun range is officially open for business.
Let’s tighten up, then relocate those groups, eh?

25 yard line

50 foot line

shooting the .38








38 recoils a bit

my first .38 30-yard target …  6-rounds, tried some S&W double-action

30-yard 5-shot target with more focus – (double at top of A-zone)