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pick yourself up…

never-give-up-frog-2x One view says we lost the November 6th election. Some may figure it’s time to head for the hills, find a cave and live out their days in it. Others will simply plod along living on hope that their number doesn’t come up… that they will be allowed to live and permitted occasional pleasantries.

The picture to the left shows what I think of those choices.

I am also reminded of a very useful little song I learned as a child: Pick Yourself Up here with Fred Astair and Ginger Rogers and a contemporary version here: here with Diana Krall

Let’s take a look at the positive side of the ledger:

We still have a Constitution.
We still have free speech.
We still have firearms.
We still have the right to assemble.
We still have the Internet.
We have cell phones and radios.

We won 41,014 votes in Ada County for a Constitutional Sheriff
Against an incumbent, career-cop, Republican
On a shoestring budget
Without advertising or favorable media

THAT represents a lot of people who are aware that the direction we are heading is not good.

And a lot of them are not ready to give up.
A lot of them are willing to pick themselves up, dust themselves off and start all over again.

If only one out of four take an active role in preservation of their life, liberty and property, that is a 10,000-man force. Do you think 10,000 Oath Keepers or a 10,000 member Ada Posse could assure us of liberty? I sure do.

So let’s get cracking. The fascists are wasting no time. Twelve hours after they were confident of the presidential election results, they re-invigorated the United Nations Small Arms Treaty.

They are coming. Where will you be?