Ted’s essays


About a year ago I had a couple of patches made up to my own specifications. I wore them on “my sheriff shirts” that I used for my public appearances. Obviously I like them. I think they say important things and should be part of the posse uniform.

The first is inspired by a famous Thomas Jefferson quotation:
The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants.


The second is from the symbols electronic engineers and technicians use to communicate amongst themselves. When drawing a circuit, this is the symbol for a resistor.


Many people look back to the founding era of this country and want to re-use flags and banners that worked well during the American Revolution and other periods where totalitarians were successfully cast off.

I have to agree with my great friend, The US Flagmaster, that those are historical emblems that should be treated as such. Revere them, remember them, even emulate them, but don’t confuse their history with a second usage.