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Paper Poppers

I don’t usually shoot this well… I don’t think I do, anyway.

This one felt good. Hmmm … so did the rest of the stages I shot Sunday. Maybe I’m improving???

I parked “HITS” in my head and proceeded to do almost exactly that. Running on the assumption that I got hits enabled me to complete it quickly. It certainly helped that I made up my mind to shoot EACH ONE ONCE on the metal targets… that is, to go slow enough to GET HITS reliably… while pushing myself just a bit.

I also was prepared to find someone standing after my first pass. Being prepared to ‘improv’, made him fall quickly in succession.

My videographer may have been a bit ‘artsy’ at the start, or just hoped the camera would compensate for its position. He straightened up by the time the first array (paper) was done.

This is a standardized course of fire that nationally ranks shooters according to their performances. I am currently a “D class” shooter. That’s the bottom. It chafes a bit. Maybe my performance on this classifier will bump me up to “C” where I used to be before a significant absence, and now wanna be.

Funny … at 33 feet away, the pepper poppers seemed easy targets. At 21 feet, the silhouette targets seemed point blank – I fired about as fast as I could press the trigger. That netted 1-A, 1-B, 2-C on paper and six steel down with seven shots in 9.74 seconds … 26th out of 60 shooters,,, the highest placing “D-class” shooter. See here: https://practiscore.com/results/new/36992?q_result=5

In case you haven’t spent quality time with these targets, the cardboard ones are:
Height 30.125 inches
Width 18.25 inches
and the pepper poppers are:
Height 42 inches
Width 12 inches
If you had to learn that here, it is a clear sign you need to go shoot something.

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