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outta gas

The projects are backing up on me… all pretty much centered around my new studio space / radio room. Piling on, the nifty little gas-burning fireplace that heats not only the studio, but the whole dang house when it runs, decides to stop running.

Bloop. No pilot light. No gas. No flame.

Hold the pilot light restart button and it stays lit … but only as long as you hold the button down.

Odds are heavy on the thermopile. The owners manual lists a Honeywell part number for the entire gas valve setup available online for $250 to $400. No smaller parts, and a warning: Don’t try this at home, kids. Call a professional.

Heck, we are getting into the territory of “Might as well put in a wood burner for that money”.

Found a thermopile online looking exactly like the one in this magical Honeywell valve for $45. But it is not here… not now… not real soon.

We are talking about a little bulb that generates 750 millivolts. Heck, that’s pretty small; pretty sensitive.

So I bang and squeeze and pry a bit to expose a tiny bit more of the thermopile to the pilot flame.

My studio is heated again.