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our new car

00W0W_l7fkBLl0Vlb_600x450We just completed a round trip to Helena to fetch an attractive model of the car at the top of my list. I really didn’t expect to find one in good condition, but there it was. These have spectacular efficiency and longevity. With mechanical fuel injection, almost nothing can stop them if you take care of basic maintenance.

1982 Mercedes Benz 240D

4 Speed manual

mid-size type : sedan
drive : rwd
fuel : diesel
transmission : manual
cylinders : 4 cylinders01717_57KZ6CsQmfT_600x450

condition: excellent

White, tan MBTex interior, sheep skin seat covers in front.
Straight, and rust free.
Crank windows, original AM/FM, cold A/C.
Less than 15K on perfect running rebuilt engine….
starts instantly, runs great, consistently honest 30mpg town or highway.
New motor/trans mounts and flex disks, rebuilt injectors, new hoses, block heater, new brakes/ rotors, recent clutch, functioning tachometer.