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Among the Darby Adult Ed classes open for signups until Wednesday are four I’m offering to teach. As with all of their classes, 7 or more students have to sign up in order for them to happen. The complete listing of classes is here: Course Information Spring 2014

Signups are open until Wednesday the 22nd

Growing Without Pests AND Without PesticidesThe Fixer wizard 100pix

Chemical free gardening for organic food and ornamentals is no harder or more expensive than conventional growing.

Remineralization by adding rock powder and oyster shell flour are important components, bringing the soil back up to the balance of trace elements the plants require to naturally resist pests on their own.

The material fee covers cost of 15-pounds rock powder and 2.5-pounds oyster shell flour which is enough for 100 square feet of garden. Students are encouraged to use these samples in test plots that clearly demonstrate their effectiveness.

The focus of this class will be building a healthy soil environment that enables plants to grow to their natural best, for bigger, stronger, healthier and more nutritious produce.

Instructor: Ted Dunlap ted@thefixer.biz

Instructor Info: Ted spent over 20 years self-employed in agricultural services, learning and teaching organic gardening. He established the market for rock powder, produced and sold hundreds of tons in pails, bags and bulk in an 11- county area of Northern California and has converted gardens, vineyards and orchards to healthy, pest-free and pesticide free growing.

Dates: Thurs, Apr 3, 10, 17, 24
Time: 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Location: Darby Library
4 sessions $16 regular / $8 senior
Material Fee: $10 for rock powder and oyster shell flour