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opsys upgrade

My laptop was losing it… now wireless, no printer, no calendar/planner, aging version of Linux…

The DREADED time to deal with it arrived.

In case you were curious, that’s where I have been. It’s kind-of like arming myself with a machete and plunging into a darkened room of unknown size and shape full of monsters and goblins bent on my destruction.

I have come out the other side, more than a little tired of dealing with computer problems, but otherwise visibly unscathed.

My wife says, “You took notes so it will be easier next time, RIGHT?”

You gotta be kidding. I hacked and slashed, kicked, screamed, bit, ducked and slashed some more. I’m thrilled to be done. Notes? Notes? I didn’t even know what I was doing. How was I supposed to take notes?

Maybe if I do it more often it will slowly, gradually slide into something more choreagraphed until eventually it could be documented.

For now, I am reminded of a Saturday-morning cartoon fourscore or more years ago where a massive log is shoved into the mill and with a frenzy of activity, chips flying everywhere, it comes out the other side having been turned into a single toothpick.

I have much of my computer back. Heck, it is even capable of printing now.