Ted’s essays

Ode to the non-conformist

You may find yourself in these times having less and less interest in the noise of society.

You may start to feel an inherent detachment from the clamor and drama of this manufactured realm and it’s programmed toxicity.

You will have many who are still heavily locked within its addictive dreamspell intimating that there is something wrong with you for wanting to distance yourself from it.

Ignore this peer pressure. This assimilation.

You are not part of it. Your soul is from elsewhere. It is made of defiance, of being boxed in. In fact, it is what you dropped in here to do. To show how, even on your own, even walking as an army of one, you stand as an unbreakable, sovereign soul. Immune to a system which breaks and devours souls.

Up the mountain you climb. Now and then reaching a hand down, to pull up another wishing to also finally emerge from the abyss.

You are the way shower. The lighthouse beacon, standing upon your own island of sovereignty, leading through quiet example.

And your light is shone in all directions, illuminating the darkness for souls ready to emerge back into the free nature they were always meant to experience.

Thank you, lone warrior. You are the toughest soul in creation, and I am honored by your strength and resilience in this place.