Ted’s essays

ode to parasites

I spent most of my life feeding the machine … indirectly mostly, but for 3 years, 8 months and 11 days during “the Vietnam era”, directly.

Years later, I completely comprehended and accepted the libertarian philosophical concepts of accepting nothing from big brother. No handout was okay. Keep your distance. Stay pure.

Not too long ago, an emotionally close, geographically distant friend of my age slapped me in the face … “You are putting in while I am taking out.” Sadly, in approximately equal amounts.

Holey crap. I’m feeding the monster that I hate while he is bleeding it. Who is doing the better thing?

Of course both of us are insignificant gnats. But the point was very well taken… startling even.

A tiny bit of research showed me that I could have every bit as much money in my pocket if I moved to the other side. Since the management I was working under was, to be polite, HORRID, I took my leave and moved over to the parasite class.

A parasite on a wholesome host is a bad thing. I’m not so sure how to classify a parasite on an evil beast. Are you?

Further complicating this perspective, my used-to-be-distant friend points out that While I may be a near-infinitesimal burden on the beast, I’m not technically a parasite as I am now withdrawing money I put in.

Meanwhile, I rail, organize and prepare against the evil that approaches us, while keeping myself fed via the dole that they assume I am dependent upon.

Interesting side benefit – lulling them into that belief that I feel obliged to them. AssUming THAT couldn’t be much farther off the mark.

Nothing could please me more than a full awakening of the people with the demise of the true parasitic class, the ruling elites, and my hosts, as a result.