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ode to Opie

Ted Opie pondI was looking here for a photo of The Greatest Dog I ever had, being quite surprised that I had not posted one here.

Newfoundlands are designed to be sweethearts… the AKC breed standard uniquely includes loving and devoted to people or it is not a Newfoundland. Opie was at the small end of the standard, being rather indifferent to food, but he surely must have been at the big end of loyal and affectionate.

Of course large dogs have the advantage of little to fear, but these guys were designed to lay about in a North Atlantic fishing boat for hours-on-end, then provide prodigious strength, instinct and intelligence in whatever quantity was needed.

Absolutely easy to get along with … assuming a large, hairy drooling machine is welcome in your home.

 I love this snapshot from a rental farmhouse where I had a throwaway couch sitting outside the shop for a while

snapshot from a rental farmhouse where a throwaway couch sat outside the shop for a while

Opie would be welcome in most places,

and in fact, was…

anywhere I wanted to go, anyway.