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odds n sods

I wrote this back in February, but never posted it – for reasons that are long gone. It is interesting, only partially out-of-date and has only a few obvious rough edges.

I have been on-task with my freedom fighting posts since mid-week. The’re everywhere.

Today I was plenty fired up and powerfully motivated with a video and essay. My gosh but it puts my future and political activism in perspective. Do you see what I see? These books, essay and video are stark reminders of the limited choices I have: Democide or fight.

You may have seen Homeland Security’s new target posters training our homeland storm troopers to not hesitate before gunning us down. Someone made a poster of these brave new targets which I shared here: police state poster

bass-guitar-hung-2x7I got my bass guitar hung last week and got around to documenting the job this today.

I also managed to do a fair job of documenting my favorite shooting sport with a history and current state of the high power rifle events we have locally: The making of riflemen

The Kuna Lions upcoming chili contest and casion night events earned a spot in my Kuna Idaho blog: Chili Contest