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Oath Keepers

I’m working on a presentation I get to make in the Capital Rotunda at noon. This is part of it. I am thrilled that Oath Keepers is firming up its stance. I’m in GREAT company.

Oath Keepers, and its founder Stewart Rhodes, has always had a very firm line drawn between itself and political activism or confrontational words. This has frustrated many patriots who have seen a massive threat building on the other side of the ramparts and who wanted Oath Keepers to attack NOW!!!

No, the strength of Oath Keepers is its simple, easy to accept message:
You swore an oath to the Constitution.
We ask that you think about it, and resolve in your mind that
you meant it then,
mean it now and
intend to uphold it with honor and courage.

By limiting the scope of Oath Keepers, the audience is broad, including veteran and current law enforcement, military and others in public positions who swore oaths to the Constitution.

Here in Idaho’s Treasure Valley, our monthly meetings include an optional oath swearing process for any who want to affirm or reaffirm it.

Now, those on the dark side of the ramparts are showing clear signs of beginning their serious assault on the free people of the USA, and the world. We are that rare generation at a time in history where far reaching decisions and actions are made. It is 1775 and we are on Lexington Green.

Oath Keepers, and those of us who ARE, must stand while our enemies wind up to take their best shot. But we must stand ready to take that hit, rock back on our heels and come at them with a fury completely beyond anything they imagined.

I turn you over to Oath Keepers and Operation Sleeping Giant.

I put the whole article with pictures over at Ada Liberty.
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