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I couldn’t quite just pass these tidbits by without some comment, but am not in an essay mood, so I’m just combining them here… then get on with the rest of my day.

Redford man foils robbery by shooting suspect
First off, I HATE IT when what passes for journalists today use the word “suspect” to describe a vilian who was injured or captured IN THE ACT. “I blasted the sumbish who attacked my act” (or similar sounding) is a lot more likely to come to mind than “I dissuaded the suspect from continuance of his overly assertive socially questionable behaviors”.

Back to the main point: Please folks, do be careful when using ATMs or other times when you are quite likely to be assumed to be in posession of valuables, like money. Personally, I go into the bank for my banking transactions. Besides being a heckuva lot safer, there are humans in there. They and I all appreciate friendly, human interaction.

Second, on as many of my trips as possible, I take a partner who is fully capable of covering my six. Third, I put my money away before I leave the site of the transaction. I move JUST out of the way and, while witnesses and cameras abound, file the currently-useful federal reserve notes before I head out watching my surroundings as I go. Fourth, I try to remember to keep my right hand free to access my concealed or openly carried handgun.

Our world is becoming less safe. We have to take more responsibility for our safety – and that of our companions and community. Negotiation nor pleading will stop bullies; only force or threat of force do. If you love peace, be prepared to do your share to keep it… and by happy coincidence, survive aggression.

Neighbor handcuffs, detains would-be-burglars

With all the time, energy and money some of us put into preparing to defend our lives, liberty and property with lethal force, it is good to have an occasional reminder that we should have more choices. Here is one such good example. An exceptional neighbor in Baytown, Texas was able to stop two burglars and detain them without injury because he owned and knew how to use not only a handgun, but a pair of handcuffs. There’s something that just got added to my wish list.

The good news is that my wife and I both had some training and experience in their application during our time as correction officers. Though I am quick to confess my career was exceedingly brief and some fresh practice would be well advised if/when I get a set. Dear Santa, though I know there are real inexpensive plastic cuffs, there are also Youtube videos of how to quickly break them off. Gimme the real things, please

High Fructose Corn Syrup and Diabetes Prevalence
I have spent the second half of my life strongly suspicious of unnatural products masquerading as food. Ask my poor daughters, who had to learn to read ingredient labels at very early ages. Sweetness appeals to our biological instinct put in us to make fruit desirable. Sadly, chemically refined sugar contains none of the good and an amazing amount of bad stuff and destructive reactions. Much, much worse are the laboratory substitutes for chemically refined sugar.

I have long suspected that the explosion in “developed country” diabetes percentages are related to the above. Give the body enough confusing signals for long enough and it will go haywire. Well the study linked in my paragraph heading lends much credibility to my caveman theories.

Ted Dunlap finally takes the dog for her walk
So much for my quick notes. If you are ever in need of someone to say a few words, you obviously need to look elsewhere.