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new PatchWorks designs

when life throws you a curve, lean in and add throttleWe are getting the hang of our new business, but still have a long ways to go.

I am also getting the hang of my new motorcycle, but there too have a long ways to go.

I went over the hill to North Fork mostly to practice cornering. On my first trip, I chatted with one of the shopkeepers about doing some machine embroidery for them.

River of No Return 5x2This was my second practice session and second visit to The Village at North Fork.

One of the two designs I was asked to try for them was “The River of No Return”. I did not do the simple one they had on a sticker, but chose to do it my way – that you see on the right. We are likely to sell some patches and embroidery on their uniform polo shirts. Yep, she liked ’em.

All three of these came out of my head, hands and through 30004 PatchWorks on black 2x4 the CAD software of our new machines. I am more than a little pleased with the results and my getting the hang of it.

And speaking of both, my motorcycle skills are gradually improving … as is the pleasure JOY I get from riding it.

The idea for the patch at the top came to me as I was rolling on the throttle coming through the multitude of turns on the way back over the pass. The motorcyclist image came from a “stock” catalog, the fonts are also included. The layouts, designs, canoe and all are mine.

Oh yes, a plug for the website: