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neighborhood shooting

I hosted and coached a second handgun refresher this month. We have some really good neighbors … plus some of the other kind and, like all neighborhoods, plenty in-between.

A caveat on that is there are not actually a whole lot of people in this rather spread-out neighborhood to begin with. Needless to say, anybody with room for a shooting range in their yard does not live where houses are packed cheek-to-jowl.

The photo to the right was from our May 4th shoot. The same folks were here yesterday, so I did not shoot them again (with my camera). They all improved in confidence and competence. I will likely keep doing this to further, and cement the gains.

Better still are the human bonds that we are growing in our little space. We are getting to know each other better and better via this shared activity, and others that come with new friendships.

One of my shooting couples hosted a big pot-luck feast for all of us, plus a bunch. That is another fine community binder that has many benefits.

Those are definite wins for all of us.

One regret I had from the earlier shoot was that I focused only on my task as rangemaster running the shoot and my job of coaching others. I did not allow myself any trigger time of my own. I fixed that and planted a smile on my kisser with the rapid-fire string to the left.

One of the fun features I carried over from our first shoot was to have everyone “mark your target”; to personalize them with the fat marker I provided. I suspect if I had more than one marker that phase might have gone quicker with less conversation. Had I handed out multiple colors, it could have taken a lot longer.

The art-phase preliminary activity added a level of whimsy to the whole thing and triggered some fun interactions. I share some of the art work here.