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near the right track

For years he paid for the website, maintained it and a facebook page with a modest following. Suddenly Tony finds his meetings overflowing two increasingly large venues in a row. He is invited to be ONE OF the speakers at a January gun rights rally. Instead of his regular handful, the capital rotunda is overflowing.

I’m famous. They have discovered my truths! …(He thinks)…

His message has always been about open and concealed carry of hanguns for personal defense against one, two or three bad guys.

The world has suddenly changed, but Tony hasn’t.

He even recognizes that the banksters have created a soon-to-burst economic bubble and many people will turn to looting as a means of survival.

Knowing the central banks are, well, central in this mess, he’s getting darn close to the core of the problem. But missing that all of the pieces are in place for a world makeover … just as soon as the semi-auto rifles are out of private ownership. Missing that is missing the real show.

Hearing about a national movement to make 2/23 Day another gun rights rally across the USA, he jumped in to reserve the state capital rotunda and lay claim as “organizer” of the event. He got to pick the speakers … all of whom see the same limited piece of the gun rights issue that he does. He even made a futile initial attempt to ban long guns, but the event was much stronger than he understood.

Watching Tony in front of his Idaho Open Carry parade is like an aerial view of the little old man out for a Sunday drive in his Oldsmobile 88 on a two-lane river road. There is a looooonnng line of followers, but if an open straighteway ever comes up, they will be blowing by Tony in what he’ll perceive as in incomprehensable blur.

Meanwhile many other organizations GET IT. They know who the enemy is, and how serious the times are. We are improving our inter-organizational communications. We are working together out of universally comprehended urgency. Strong, large, well-established organizations with huge knowledge-bases are taking seats as equals, sharing information, dates and action plans.

Not Tony. I reached out to Tony trying to get him to represent his organization in our Round Table. No Way… worse still, he didn’t even politely respond “No”, but pridefully ignored my offers.

Hopefully, those in Tony’s parade will find the nearby parallel freeway and join one of our groups working on the real threat – the rabid 800-pound gorilla in the room instead of swinging their flyswatters at that bee.