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The Ted Dunlap for Sheriff campaign is very young. The Republican primary election to narrow the field from three candidates to two will be in May. The incumbent has shown no interest in being a constitutional sheriff or having the peace and security of the people being his highest priority. He is facing a constitutional sheriff challenge from Curtis Cattau in the primary. I am working with Curt and can think of no finer result than Ada voters getting to choose between two constitutional sheriffs on November 6th.

From mid-May to November the question before Ada County is whether the office of the sheriff has Peace Officers or Law Enforcement Officers and whether the Constitution of these united states is still the highest law of the land. The objective of the Ted Dunlap for Sheriff campaign is to get the information out enabling the people of Ada County to make educated decisions.

Our first big event will be a table at the Boise gun show April 14-15. We need help buying materials to hand out there. I would love to have yard signs and buttons (badges) to give away there with a minimum donation to the campaign. That’s several hundred dollars away at this point.

Please help.

If you want to meet and chat with me, send an e-mail to sheriff@teddunlap.net. I check my e-mails at least once a day. If you want me to come talk with your group, just ask. I will do my best to be available and am eager to meet you.

Canyon County also has a constitutional sheriff candidate in Ed Hendershot. Please go see his website HERE. He and I will be sharing information and events… and hopefully provide adjacent Idaho counties operating with constitutional sheriffs in each beginning January 1st, 2013.

A major event on his calendar is the Awake and Arise America Conference with Sheriff Mack, Saturday, May 5, 2012, College of Idaho, Jewitt Auditorium. You and I are invited. Note: Sheriff Richard Mack is a founder of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Police Officer Association.

Sheriff Mack is even better known as the Arizona Sheriff who said “NO” to the Brady gun control bill, stood firm and won the case at the Supreme Court. His presence and support in the Treasure Valley will certainly help explain the concept and add significantly to its credibility.