Ted’s essays

my pleasure

Visitors to my website might assume I enjoy political activism, truth telling, railing against The Man and such.

Not so much.

I hate bullies. I do what I can to thwart them. But it is not for fun.

Knowing who is doing what to destroy us and the Earth is the first step in fighting them off. I don’t know if we can win, but we most certainly cannot without a whole lot more people knowing what they are up to, and who they are.

That is my chosen role.

Again, not that I like it. More that it chose me, or I was chosen to play it.

Now what I LIKE TO DO.

I built this.
I designed it.
I visualized it.
I fabricated it.
Thanks to Missy’s excellent suggestion, I put the pictures and plaques behind the glass doors that are almost always open just like you see them.

This is pleasing.
This is joyful.