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my pillow

I am playing that phrase two ways, but mostly talking about the pillow where I rest my head every night.

A couple months ago, Mike Lindell, the founder, owner, operator of the hugely successful company MY PILLOW became newsworthy for his open confrontations with the election fraud, and great public support for the massive demonstration surrounding the Freedom Convoys, or Trucker Convoys.

My tiny contribution to all of that was to purchase a pillow from them/him.

It was a pillow I did not need as I was quite happy with my “relatively new” one I found at Bed, Bath & Beyond a few years ago. It was shapeable to accomodate my various sleeping positions and quite affordable.

A few days ago, the domestic engineer and medical staff in our home suspected that my chronic sinus and chest congestion problems might be related to an uncleaned pillow. I was waking up a few hours into the night and having to move into my studio recliner to complete my night’s sleep… EVERY NIGHT.

I tolerated it as best I could, knowing, or more accurately thinking it was due to environmental problems I could do little about, and that the more upright position in my recliner was helping me finish the night’s sleep… kind-of.

She attempted cleaning my old favorite pillow, but it refused to dry after a week of trying. Meanwhile, I switched to, adjusted to, and began to like the My Pillow that Mike’s company sent me.

Not coincidentally, my congestion and sinus problems after laying my head on my new pillow reduced to the point where I slept all night in my own bed – on my own pillow. Nice.

Thinking about it, our bodies have a few ways of shedding invaders with exhaling, tears and sinus activity being significant. Pillow cases capture much of that, and a fresh one every week is good. But there is still some making its way to our pillows, and making the return trip between pillow case laundry days.

Mike’s pillow is not only washable, it comes with instructions to run it in a hot drier for a few minutes BEFORE you use it. Obviously laundering it occasionally thereafter is no problem.

We are now rethinking the use of Motel pillows.