Ted’s essays

my idea of fun

I combined my projects requiring polyeurethane finishes to minimize use of paint brushes or brush cleaning. It was hard waiting for all of them, but this batch size was just about right for the sanding and painting phases.

A new shelf over Missy’s kitchen window is sturdy, expansive and takes up virtually no space physically or visually.

The mug rack fit neatly in, freeing up a little bit of shelf space, displaying some of our mug collection with a look I like. An interesting touch I put in was tipping the pegs up so gravity would help keep the mugs on them.

The print on Missy’s monthly calendar has been too small for me to read unaided. I bought a magnifying glass and made a home for it underneath.

My prototypes taught me that standard one-by shelving lumber at an actual 3/4ths of an inch thick was too thin to accept holes for holding pens, and that pine or fir were too flimsy. I found two scraps of oak one-by that were so old their thickness was actually one whole inch. Hard, good looking and just right for the project.

The new bench in the garage will wait a few more days for the third coat of polyeurethane to dry hard before I mount the reloading press. I do like the look, feel and functionality of well-coated sawdust board for work benches when adequately framed and supported.

I would much rather do projects like these than go to Europe, ride around on a cruise ship, visit a big city, carve wakes on lakes with power boats, or any number of amusements people spend their time and money on.