Ted’s essays

my conversation with a chemtrail pilot

I had a long conversation with a spray plane pilot while I drove north under chemically striped skies.

Okay, nobody was listening … heck, I didn’t even bother to speak out loud, but I was definitely shouting in his face from time to time.


I would kill you right this minute, but you are an easily replaced idiot while I am significant. Your death would not be worth my trouble.

The people at the top ordering up this program do not care about your toxic death, your family, your neighbors, nor the flora and fauna of Earth.

How you could be stupid enough to facilitate their agenda truly puzzles me.

This conversation, by the way, is not limited to pilots. Entire air crews, truckers delivering the crap to the planes, mechanics outfitting the planes, idiot workers in the chemical/biological plants producing this horror, schedulers, all of the stupid suicidal ants taking the Earth to Hell are just as complicent.

I was a useful idiot conscripted into the US Air Force for four years during the Vietnam plunder. I am not proud of that, but the choices offered my generation by the slavemasters was far more limited than yours… Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, prison, or run away to a foreign country.

You chose this. You volunteered for it. You had a million alternatives.

What you are doing is incredibly worse than the flyspeck I contributed as a 1970 computer operator. The Air Force had not yet developed POISON THE ENTIRE PLANET technology.

Had they, and had I had a part in it, I would have worked cleverly, destructively against it, or discontinued my role.

Crashing your plane a minute after takeoff would be a great start. It would be real dang hard to hide what that purpose-built, poison-laden plane was up to. The publicity could shut the program down… and the psychopaths who run it.

Your body may or may not survive, but your honor would … completely unlike the trajectory you are on today.

Intelligent, courageous people expose their criminal bosses, seek shelter and RISK IT ALL.

I hope I would join them. I would walk into London’s Ecuadorian embassy and spill my guts to Julian Assange … there may be dozens of alternatives, but I sure as heck would make one up.

Whatever happened from that moment, at least I discontinued my horribly destructive life and risked exiting as an honorable man rather than living as scum of the Earth.