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My 11-day fast ends with fascinating health improvements

My hunger denial system broke down last night. Fasting experts often claim interest in food goes away after a few days of fasting and that your signal to end the fast is the return of hunger. I was ravenous last night. I called it to a close.

Eyes, ears, nose and throat are all much healthier than a couple weeks ago. My double-handful of belly fat is now a single handful.

The following is straight from my journal/fasting log:

Personally, I can no longer imagine going to a very expensive petrochemical pharmaceutical dispensing expert to passively ingest whatever expensive side-effect-laden concoction he prescribes in hopes of curing my numerous health imbalances – when my body is amazingly well designed to heal itself.

I am, however, going to a dentist next Wednesday to deal with a couple of loose fillings I have been keeping uninfected for two years with daily colloidal silver applications. They happen to be on the swollen lymph node side, and could be factors in that swelling.

I tried my stretching position, legs up against the wall, but it hurt my lower back too bad. I had to give it up. That told me all I needed to know about going to bed. I bundled up in my recliner, finding that half reclined was the best bet, and went to sleep for an hour or two before successfully trundling off to bed.

Still requiring bed-clothes to keep the chills at bay. My body is still cooking on some pathogens that are susceptible to abnormal body temperatures. My deep yellow urine despite prodigious water intake indicates we are killing something off, shedding it all day, every day.

Monday, June 6th, 2022 – Day 10

159.5 pounds – my intestinal tract is officially empty. The first 10 days do that, at least in my experience. The first 3 or 4 likely shed some meat from all over. Approximately half of the 12 pounds lost so far are from those two sources and will bounce back in the week or so after my fast ends. The other half is after Ketosis kicked in, from my fat reserves. They will not return any time soon. Nearly all weight loss from here on out will be from fat reserves, which are shockingly efficient. Were trimming my waistline, shedding the love handles my main objective it could take a lot longer than 20 days.

Holey smokes! I am down SIXTY POUNDS from when I met Missy just over 20 years ago. I could not have imagined it then.

Ears are clear. Eyes are mostly clear. Sinuses are mostly clear. Skin is mostly clear, moist, younger. Chest congestion is nearly gone. Obvious successes of the first healing cycle. Sore throat, lump in the throat, low-grade evening fever are all still with me. My body wants more time running on stored fat, with fresh cell-building components and high levels of HGH coursing through the veins. Okay helmsman, Stay the course… likely target is through June 16th (20 days) with a somewhat slow start to reintroduce food to my system.

Went to a radio club meeting at BJ’s Restaurant. Food all around me. I ordered a pitcher of water and drank about half of it. Ah yes, eating food … those were the days.

Still going to bed late – 1100. Still moderately chilled. I wore bedclothes, turned on the electric blanket, but turned it back off soon after climbing into bed. Chill is reduced. Bedclothes came off a couple hours later. Surprised to be without back pain when I first got to bed, but it came on in a bit. Rubbed Lasting Touch into it which happily sufficed. Slept well until after 0500.

Tuesday, June 7th, 2022 – Day 11

I am now into uncharted territory. This is my personal best for fasting duration. In the fasting spas, 20 days is typically the minimum with many choosing/requiring 30, 40 or more. My body will say “when”. I miss good food. I’m hoping for sooner rather than later.

So many physical anomalies have cleared up. Things that were barely noticeable, minor or that I just called “aging” are gone or nearly gone. However, I still have a sore throat and lump on the right side. Dentist tomorrow may have an impact on that one.

Just when I thought I was past bowel movements I had a watery diarrhetic one this morning. Huh???

Most of the healing I was hoping for did take place. Some bonuses are in there. Eyes, ears, nose and throat are all in good shape. They were not before. My neck lump who inspired this whole thing, that I believe to be lymph node swelling, is still golf-ball sized on the right side and is now joined by a slight bump on left. They do not seem to be responding.

After jazz band practice, around 2000 hrs, every restaurant, every billboard and every sign advertising food seemed to be glowing EAT.

My body was screaming EAT.

The people who claim they lost interest in food during their fast also say that your body will announce when it is time to end your fast. Your hunger will return.

This overwhelming hunger tension in my body seemed to be that signal. I was ready to scarf snack food that really would not have been the right way to end an 11 day fast.

Missy made me a modest-sized bowl of chicken and rice that was probably exactly the right thing. It was not a lot of food, but sated my hyperactive hunger. It settled me down. I got genuinely tired, ready for bed by 2300 hours and slept very well.

Wednesday, June 8th, 2022 – navel: 39″ (down 2.5″) 90.95 cm (down 3cm)

I had bacon, potatoes, eggs and toast for breakfast at 1030. My fast is over. I figure depredation for all of us is coming soon enough. I gave it a good practice run.

Though not among my prime motivators I am pleased to lose half a handful of fat around my navel. We intend to wait a couple weeks for my body to settle down then consider a wardrobe upgrade. Missy does not really like me in baggy pants and baggy shirts.

Around the time we met I was filling out large-tall shirts and 38 pants too well, and facing a wardrobe upgrade into XLs. Knowing full well that once that line is crossed the unsightly, unhealthy growth could continue, I drew the line and found ways within my lifestyle to bring that back down.

Surprising me, I am now looking at the possibility of size 34 pants and medium-tall shirts.

While regular use of colloidal silver prevented my defective filling from infection near the surface, there was some deep around a root. I had the offender removed today. I expect the rest of my ailments to go away soon.

The newer younger me will be as strong as an ox and every bit as smart.