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motorhome winterizing tarp support

We are somewhat new to motorhome ownership, but have learned that in cold winter country it is best to not let moisture reside on the roof through thaw and freeze cycles. These wreck stuff.

Not having a motorhome-sized barn means we need a Plan B. I engineered a teepee to hold the tarp up off the roof and overhang a foot on each side.

I only took this project part-way as I am not sure yet if my wife is keeping this or selling our Leprechaun. So I designed, but have not purchased components nor built it out.

I initially figured on using 1 1/4 inch PVC, but have decided that 1 inch will be plenty strong because of the 45-degree snow-shedding slope. Heck, 3/4 inch would probably work just as well. I won’t know until I build and live with one.

For ours I figured four five-foot sections would do the trick. If I make them all a few inches different from each other they can nest-stack when they aren’t up on the roof.

The side-outlet tees and els are not commonly stocked in hardware and building supply shops. I found excellent price and availability online, but won’t provide the link here without experiencing their service personally. If I build the four our motor home would require, I would be out under $200 in materials.