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motorcycle licensing exam

The month of practice paid off. The oldest person in the class rode a motorcycle older than most of the students in last weekend’s training and examination sessions.

She successfully passed the driving portion of the Montana state licensing exam to qualify for an “M” endorsement on her driver’s licensing.

Both days of class were SCORCHERS. They were also very long for a retiree … heck, they were long for everybody … long, mentally stressful and physically tiring.

I arrived in time to witness and record all but one of the tests. You can see bits of them in the video clip to the left. I also managed to roast in my multi-layer riding pants, boots, and ran through my water supply far too early. Yet they were doing all the work. I just watched.

That the skills test covered the second half of their Sunday session added being tired to the challenges they faced to meet Montana’s qualifications.

She, and the rest of the students now have permits to ride under supervision.

Said another way, we can now go for motorcycle rides each on our own bikes.

I hope I can keep up with Blazing Piglet’s 75 ccs while struggling along with the Dr Zee’s 400 ccs. 😉