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motivation – why run?

Statue of Liberty can't watchThere are two elected positions in every USofA location where one man of courage, integrity and knowledge can make a serious difference.

A constitutional sheriff is the highest law enforcement official elected by the people in each county of our country. Sadly, sheriffs who know and are willing to do the job correctly are a minority. Happily, the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association is working to change that, and many have stood strong for the people of their counties. I have done some work in that direction myself, as you can see elsewhere on this website.

The other is the governor of each state.

Since this Constitutional Republic of ours is a federation of sovereign states, the governors are the highest state official and in the lawful position to lead their state to stand against federal government overreach. This has been done many times, many ways in many states. Montana is sadly behind in this area, primarily thanks to a governor who subordinates himself and his state to people in the District of Columbia.

For this year’s election cycle, voters get to choose a new Montana Governor. The incumbent has a sad record vetoing great legislation and making many other decisions that would be more at home in California or New York. I want to point those out and give Montanans starkly different choices.

Over the next seven months, I will do my best to communicate just what those choices are.

I suppose I should give honorable mention to the other choice that friends and family point out: You COULD let “somebody else” do it.

So far I have witnessed a serious shortage of somebody elses.

The unique combination of honor, integrity, courage, knowledge, capability, experience and powerful drive to see it done does not seem to be distributed to anyone else willing to give up the time and energy.

It is my world too. I cannot sit idly by watching it be trashed.

So here I am.