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Michigan to end daylight savings time?

On their first day in the new legislative session in Lansing, a group of state lawmakers introduced a bill to end Daylight Saving Time in Michigan. The bill would make Eastern Standard Time the official time zone for the entire state and eliminate setting the clocks backward or forward.

The article from CBS-Detroit includes a poll which indicates about 2/3rds of us would love to see it gone. As with most online polls, you have to vote to see the results.

Of all the meddling legislators do in each session, undoing stupid stuff rarely gets much consideration. It is nice that some of them, somewhere at least consider this one.

A possible majority in one out of 49 state legislatures still jerking our circadian rhythms around twice a year isn’t extremely encouraging, but it is something. Arizona is the only state where the legislature had at least common-sense-level understanding at least once.

Michigan lawmakers try to end daylight savings time

A similar bill introduced in 2015 was never approved by lawmakers.

“We should point out that this has been around the track before and it has never gotten enough votes,” said WWJ Lansing Bureau Chief Tim Skubick. “So don’t be messing around with your watches or your clocks just yet. It’s only in the hopper and it may not happen.”

Yeah, that’s it … Don’t you be messing with your clocks until we are darn sure we are done messing with them.