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Merry Christmas, you are in a war zone

I promised myself I would take the day off from fighting. I even thought I would take a day off from technology – not even turn on my computer or access the Internet. But the moment I broke the latter, the former was brought to me. The enemy did not take a day off. They refused to honor the holiday.

Thus, if you want a day off from ugliness, don’t read this.

Have a Merry Christmas.

Enjoy the family, friends
and a wonderful day off from it all.

Put this aside until tomorrow,
along with all of your news sources.

But if you can’t resist any of it, look here too.
I just published a set of three articles that are among the most important I have put at my website. You might want to look at the last three in IdahoLiberty.com and consider sharing them.

Gun control works … for some people

Mass shootings on the rise

How to stop mass shootings

In reviewing the last week’s-worth of posts, this set of topics I’ve been working on is about a major battle in the war against liberty. It is being fought tooth-and-nail while most folks don’t even know it is going on. It is being fought in the minds of the people.

Yep, there is a battle going on in your head for your mind and body…
and if you are unaware of it, you might be on the losing side.
In my subject title, I said you are in a war zone. More accurately, the war zone is in you.