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May Day treat

Andrea and jamie brought themselves to our humble home, and neighborhood for a visit. It was WONDERFUL.

The original plan had her two sisters along, but in spite of the disappointment their begging off this trip brought, it turned out to be a great time for us all. I don’t know how we could have squeezed any more into it.

You can go over to Free Missy.com for another view of the event… along with some other photos.

One of my favorites that she didn’t post is this one, catching Andrea doing her professional, avocational and much enjoyed thing. She really does combine knowledge, education, talent and artistic sense with cameras and composition.

And, to credit the unsung talent in the family, Jamie is operating Missy’s snapshot camera to capture this particular image. He is an incredibly thoughtful, kind and considerate person. We are lucky to have him in the family.