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mass mind control

media-monopoly Near the end of a meeting last night whose main speaker explained Agenda 21, someone proposed writing letters to television networks requesting more accurate news. I briefly explained the media monopoly and told them,

Six corporations gained control of 96% of the media for a reason: To shape the information you get. They want to control what goes into your mind. They are not going to give that power up because you ask nicely.

Remove yourself from their power. Gather your news from the Internet. You will have to use your head to tell fact from fiction, but unlike television, at least the truth is available.

I was a little surprised at how strongly I said it, felt it, and even more surprised by resounding applause. This group of 40 or so hadn’t been applauding. A large number of them had clearly concluded the same thing and were pleased to have someone explain it to those who hadn’t.

Of all our defensive weapons, the free flow of information to and from functioning minds is far and away the most important.

Feed your head.

Exercise it.

Take it on outings with members of the same species.

Help save others from the mass hypnosis masquerading as information.

I can’t use the phrase “Feed your head” without reconsidering the prescience of The Jefferson Airplane.

White Rabbit,
Jefferson Airplane,
Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour 1967