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maiden voyage

Bassman Ted's maiden voyageI have owned the bass for 5 days now.

Last night I took it to the Conner Bluegrass Jam – normally Thursdays, Thanksgiving delayed it to Friday, started it at 2:00pm instead of 7:00 and ran it a little longer than usual… okay, quite a bit longer.

I wasn’t great.
I had no experience.
I was welcome.
I got a lot of notes right.
I got a lot of notes on time.
That is, in rhythm.

I have been running my fingers on the edge of tender since Sunday. I’ll keep them like that until they toughen up. No point in setting myself back with blistering.

I’m tolerable at getting one note per measure about right. That’s a fine way to play as far as I’m concerned. It beats the heck out of sitting on the couch listening.

Give me time and I’ll get one note per measure just right.

Then I’ll expand into two notes per measure.
Get them right, then grow from there.

It is fun now and I expect that will continue.

The rest of the group.