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The Internet and social media are great equalizers in politics, among other information fields. Today I got around to reviewing and updating my Linked in profile information.

It is a whole lot more relevant than it was, and I think gives a good overview of what I am trying to accomplish by running for Montana Governor.

Linked-In summary of Ted Dunlap

I am looking up at our Big Skies and seeing environmental “engineering” that needs to be researched, vetted or condemned by Montana agencies.

I see a pharmaceutical-prison industrial complex being fed by prohibition that has long-past proven worse than counter-productive.

My campaign focuses on those two issues.

Montanans who want to say those are important to them merely need put an
[X] by Ted Dunlap in November.

Your message will thereby be delivered.


Gubernatorial Candidate
Ted Dunlap for Montana Governor
April 2016 – Present (2 months)Montana – statewide

I have the management training, knowledge and experience to hire the right people to manage Montana’s state executive branch and lead them well. I am realistic enough to know that is an extremely unlikely outcome.

I am campaigning to draw enough votes that the next governor will realize my two major concerns are shared by enough Montanans that they deserve attention, and a fresh look.

There has been ample evidence collected by people in other parts of the USofA and world proving major environmental damage to earth, plants, water and humans from ongoing weather modification and geoengineering programs. Montana’s environmental resources should be investigating it here too.

Similarly, Nixon’s War On Drugs is a incalculable disaster in human terms. Declare Peace. Withdraw the warriors. Most states have done it a little, many have done a lot, numerous nations have declared peace on their people … all without negative side effects … all with tremendous social and cultural gains.

It is time Montana join the leaders in this peace movement.

[X] Ted Dunlap for Montana Governor
Says you want those to be among the high priorities for the next four years.


I also updated my Twitter information. There is a whole lot less profiling information available in Twitter accounts, but it is now more relevant than it was this morning.

Please feel free to connect with me at either Linked in, Twitter and/or Facebook if you are a user of those social media hangouts.