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law enforcement or peace officers?

Among major decisions facing Ada County voters, the November 6th election is about the difference in priorities and masters.

Do you want law enforcement officers or peace officers?


It is said that if all government legislative bodies from city councils to congress never wrote another law, there isn’t a person alive who could read all existing laws in their lifetime.

It is widely acknowledged that no lawyer knows all the laws, nor does any judge, or peace officer.

When driving your car does a police car behind yours bring comfort or nervousness?

One of the main priorities for Sheriff Ted Dunlap will be reorientation of the primary priorities of the Ada County Sheriff’s Department.

Serve and Protect will mean exactly that. The officers will be reminded that we are serving and protecting THE PEOPLE of Ada county.

… that the laws were, or should have been, put in place to help us protect the people from threats to their life, liberty and property.

… that Peace Officers are hired BY THE PEOPLE to serve and protect them.

Sheriff Ted Dunlap will be in the field, NOT in the halls of the legislature, boards, bureaus or exalted offices.