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last lift

Bosco was born Tuesday, February 6th. He came home at 8 weeks old … small.

I took to weighing him every Tuesday. At 10 weeks he was 22.3 pounds. I climb on the scale with him in my arms, note our weight, then climb on without him and subtract the difference.

It is not important, but a curiosity that somehow interests me. I log his weight on the calendar, then plug it in to http://www.puppychart.com/ for their projection of his likely adult weight. In April they were estimating just over 90 pounds when full grown.

Today I picked him up for the last time. For one, he does not like it. He resists. That makes it harder. Then there’s the little factor that I just had my 69th birthday. That makes it harder still.

The BIG FACTOR, however, is that at 6.4 months old Bosco weighs 81.4 pounds today.

That is a lot for me to pick up off the floor. I must quit before I injure myself (again).

Puppy chart now figures he will reach 108.6 as an adult.