Ted’s essays

kicked into hyperdrive

In what for me was a breakthrough movie for special effects, the original Star Wars introduced among many things, a visualization of hyperdrive where the stars that were floating outside their cargo ship turned into receeding streaks of light.

That image has come back to me many times since viewing that movie including a memorable incident where the BMW Bavaria I was piloting finally broke free of the traffic cluster that had hemmed me in coming out of South San Francisco on the new, lightly traveled, super highway 280.

It is back.

March 6, realize I gotta get Missy out of her current job.
March 7, find the super-affordable Conner Cabin on the Bitterroot.
March 8, great friends inspect and pronounce it “small” but fine.
March 10, awesome sports-car-like, mountain-road, drive up back roads.
March 11, I look and handshake a bargain with the owner.
March 12, formal purchase agreement, deposit
April 1, first load to storage unit in Montana
April 11, second load to storage unit, register trailer to Montana
April 13, clean up house and shop, both looking like bomb blast victims
April 14, complete clean up, show house to nice family
April 15, offer and counter-offer
April 16, counter-offer accepted

It is happening so fast that our minds and emotions are struggling to keep up.

It is also proceeding flawlessly. Anything that can go right, IS.

I’m changing my name to “Lucky”
… knock on wood …
Just as soon as the move is over.
Nah. Tempting fate is just not a good idea, ever.
But, dang, I really am feeling graced right now.

The image of those star-streaks receeding in our wake again jumps unbidden into my head.