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Keto diet as alternative to fasting for health

I have posted quite a bit about fasting, my fasts, the “hows” and why one should fast. However, fasting is difficult, and does have very real physical limits on frequency and duration.

The proven, demonstrated healing benefits of fasting are amazing, and incredible those being introduced to the topic. The primary ‘magic’ comes from the body converting from a sugar/carbohydrate based fuel supply to a fat based one. After 3-4 days, the body enters a state of KETOSIS and the process of AUTOPHAGY begins – where tired, damaged and defective parts of every cell in your body are one-by-one, bit-by-bit replaced with new, healthy ones.

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Keto diets have very similar effects on the body. That claim surprised me, though I doubt it is EXACTLY the same, it is easy to believe in strong similarities, thus should not be too surprising.

While my intermittent fast last December did not give me the medical improvements I wanted, a few days of Keto Diet seem to be heading my body in the right direction.

We have been studying it for days now, finding interesting claims along with a wealth of recipes and advice. Missy has built a book with two weeks of recipes along with shopping lists. NOTE: the “Keto friendly food list” to the right is not exactly the same as the one we are using. Opinions may vary, varieties and sources of your food matter. I recommend actual research and thinking so you can make up your own mind.

The best part of a Keto diet compared to fasting is that I get to eat. Some things that I really enjoy eating or drinking are off limits, but the will power and psychological strength required are minute by comparison. I can sustain this eating style for a whole lot longer than I could possibly fast.

Whether it really does what I want it to remains an open question.

We are fully engaged in ‘Keto’.

I will post more on this topic, and let you know how it goes for me.


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