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This is just an example of one posse within Ada County. Kuna happens to be small enough that one posse will probably be enough. Boise, on the other hand, will likely develop several posses for various areas within Boise. Any neighborhood group can pull one together if several responsible, active people decide to.



Join the Kuna Posse

* Civil Defense
* Emergency Response
* Disaster Preparedness
*Security for local events
* Be a valuable part of your community while working with great friends

All skills and talents are needed from trained veterans to those interested in learning emergency response, observation, reporting, ham radio, crowd control, community events, legal use of force, etc.

Team leaders, trainers, experts in all fields are needed
Training and certification is available for all levels

Members are responsible for their own equipment and uniforms
Group purchases, expert advise and optimal sources will be shared

For more information,

e-mail: the neighborhood posse

…or visit the Ada County Posse page on the internet