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Jack’s job 1

A big deal in our household last year was Missy’s accomplishment of learning to ride a motorcycle for the first time, her serious, in-depth study of all that meant, taking and passing the beginner biker class as by far the oldest student, one of few women, while riding far and away the oldest bike – the only one with a manual choke and a kick starter.

She completely racked up the style points while becoming ‘a biker’.

We took a good number of short biker jaunts all over our neighborhood with my Dr Zee keeping her Piglet company. Dr Zee was happy putting along in their company at their preferred moderate 10-35-mph pace. He was also an eager pony when I gave the throttle a twist. However I really did not like the feeling I was abusing the machinery when I kept with Highway 93 traffic at 70-mph. Those runs being one of the jobs ‘my utility bike’ had to do, this year we permitted me to upgrade the steed doing this deed.

Yesterday was Jack‘s first outing with Piglet. It was as far as she had ridden, but this time she focused on relaxing her handlebar grip a bit and happily found that it did not hurt her hands as it had in the past. This is great as I prefer getting a bit farther afield with our neighborhood putts.

Pre-purchase I had briefly tested Jack’s comfort level on hardpacked dirt and gravel roads, and particularly at the ‘modest pace’ Missy and Piglet preferred. He passed that short test, but yesterday had to prove himself in the real world. It was great. He and I were completely comfortable running the gravel section of Old Darby Road and keeping a Piglet pace all the way.

High on her ‘US’ want list was a new photo. I dislike cheesy ‘green-screen’ smile-for-the-camera pictures and was able to stage one that pleases my want for context and semi-natural with her want for a current US snapshot.

So here we are, 20-years into a great relationship we had hoped would last at least “10 good ones”.

Clearly overachievers.