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bicycleI have invented a new tool.

I think I’ll call it “The Bicycle”.

Ya’see, I was ruminating on my lack of healing progress when I recalled doing so well a while ago that I began riding my bicycle – up to 9 miles (which I decided immediately was a mile or two beyond ideal).

I was better then.

What changed?

Hmmm… how about if the bicycling itself actually helped?

What the heck.
Climb on my bike in spite of the back pain.
Stop if it gets worse.
Continue if not.
Movement in that low-back/upper-hip area might just be THE THING.

4.5 miles later I was a whole lot better.
I mean, the best I’ve been in weeks.

I’m officially on a new kick…
or roll
I guess would be more accurate.

Of course coming real soon will be some icy pavement to cool my interest in riding. From what my Brit-Bike-Buddy Soren Steen Anderson told me about his past making studded motorcycle tires for Danish ice racing, I actually think I could create a set of studded bicycle tires.


there will also be some rather low-ish temperatures chilling my enthusiasm for outdoor excursions, particularly in the wind. Happily, I already own a stationary bike. It simply needs to come home to the unfinished studio.
The freezer may not come inside after all.